Biometric Attendance System & Machine

BIO Matrix Attendance Solution

Almost every organisation, business, and enterprise recognises the importance of monitoring and sustaining workforce attendance. A biometric time and attendance system gives employees in any company an exact clock-in and clock-out time to achieve operational effectiveness. It offers a reasonably priced method of monitoring staff attendance and gathering statistics.

Assure IT Infra offers a real-time biometric attendance solution in response to the market’s expanding requirement for a cutting-edge and precise attendance solution. The biometric attendance machine helps businesses and organizations increase productivity and make the best use of their resources. The real-time biometric attendance systems used to track employee attendance also provide the potential to evaluate the return on man-hours invested.

Our biometric solution not only improves workplace safety for employees but also for the working environment and a company’s sensitive data. Additionally, the attendance management solution provides secure access control and authorization by monitoring and maintaining each employee’s entry and exits.

The state-of-the-art biometric attendance system renders

  • Faultless payroll calculation with just one tap
  • Managing leaves and holidays efficiently
  • Gathers data from multiple locations at one place
  • Biometric machine eliminates employee proxy
  • Reduces the cost and manpower
  • Complete reporting of the employee details
  • Offers real-time information
  • Restricts unauthorized access
  • Boost employee efficiency

Each client has specific needs. Together, we’ll find the best option that satisfies your needs and stays within your means.


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