Software & Licensing

Software and Licensing

Every piece of software you buy for your company will come with a license outlining what you can and cannot do with it. It is crucial that you comprehend the license’s terms in its entirety to ensure that you remain within the bounds of the law. It can also assist your company save money if you comprehend software licencing for businesses and buy the right licenses for your requirements. The majority of commercial software programmes have a single-user only licence, so you would need to buy additional copies, which may be costly, if you wanted more than one person in your firm to use the software.

Why is software licensing for businesses important?

Software licenses can get you into a lot of problems if your business ignores them or doesn’t comprehend them. Computer software can be expensive, and some businesses think they can “get away” with breaking the terms of their license agreements by installing it on many computers even if the license only allows for one user. Software use that violates the terms of the license is considered piracy and may result in legal action.

What happens if I use unlicensed software or break the license terms?

Fines for using unlicensed software can be very high. Make sure your business has the necessary software licences and has been operating legally from the beginning. More information on software licencing is available from the Business Software Alliance.

How do you select the correct software licensing for businesses?

When obtaining software licensing for a business, you should primarily consider the purpose of the product, the number of users, and the number of systems on which it will be installed. In order to use the programme in your business, you must first confirm that the licensing permits this and that it wasn’t created exclusively for non-profit organisations.

Whatever your sector, it is crucial to assess your IT needs in order to control expenses and make sure that the gear and software will ultimately satisfy your expectations.

3 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Licensed Software:

  • Using Software That Is Not Licensed Is Against the Law

Understanding the regulations governing software is essential before using or purchasing it. Any consumer desiring to use computer software is required by law to have a software licence; failing to do so constitutes a violation of copyright laws that may result in legal action being taken against you or your company, as well as fines.

Therefore, all software should be legally licensed before it is used.

Software licences might be intimidating and difficult to understand, but it’s crucial to read them to learn the details and limitations of the licence.

Since most software licences are single-user only, your account may be terminated and your licence cancelled if it is discovered that more than one person is using the same piece of software.

Therefore, if you’re wanting to purchase Microsoft Office software, for example, is it important that you do so from a credible and reliable source, to save you from encountering these problems.

  • The Right Software Licensing for Businesses Can Save You Money

Software often comes with a single-user licence when you purchase it.

Although it’s crucial to keep in mind that a single-user licence can occasionally be used across many devices that are owned and used by one person (check the exact terms and conditions to make sure of this), it is not permitted, legally, to be distributed or used by several persons.

Therefore, if the software will be used by numerous users, you can think about buying several software packages, each with a single-user licence, but this might get pricey. Accordingly, you can save money overall by doing some research and locating software packages that are appropriate for multiple users, depending on how many individuals you wish to offer access to the software.

A programme for when organisations need multiple product licences but not necessarily multiple copies of the software, volume licencing is better suited for large enterprises or educational institutions. These licences are typically priced at a fair price.

Students in universities and colleges face a similar situation because single-user licences cannot be shared among a whole class or year group, for example, and instead call for a volume licencing programme.

  • Receive Around-The-Clock License Support

For any questions you may have about your Microsoft Office licence or the software itself, you have access to 24/7 technical assistance.

If you’re unclear of how to install your programme yourself, a professional can even do it for you hassle-free.

Microsoft Office’s licencing support extends outside Windows. Even if you utilise Apple products, you shouldn’t discount the value of becoming familiar with software licencing.

For instance, it happens frequently that Mac customers are dissatisfied with Apple’s replacement apps for Microsoft Office programmes, yet occasionally Microsoft software is not designed to work with Apple the same way it does with Windows.