Wireless Backhaul

Wireless Backhaul

For enterprises and offices

Wireless solutions are essential for small, medium and large level businesses to share hardware/software resources over a network.
Assure Computers helps a business in designing and execution of distributed network architecture such as Wireless network. The company uses central antenna/antenna array broadcasts to the receiving antennas to transmit information over an area. We use high-quality networking equipment to provide computer networking services in Udaipur that are manufactured by leading global brands.

Wireless Backhaul
Cambium A leading networking equipment brand offering superior wireless backhaul solutions for outdoor applications.

Effective Networking Solutions

For content delivery and file sharing

Assure Computers specializes in network architecture domain using Wireless technologies. Using these advanced networking technologies, it becomes easier to share data and files over wired or wireless networks, boosting the efficiency of data sharing and business operations. We provide the best computer networking solutions in Udaipur based on Wireless technologies to ensure short range and long distance data transmission. The application of such data transmission technologies can be immense. One can use the Wireless networks to create shared drives for data sharing across a network spread over a building or a particular area. The Wireless technology is used for long distance data transmission and can also be used to broadcast wireless network across a larger geographical area. Using advanced technologies and high-quality equipment, we aim to equip a business entity with secure and reliable networking solutions in Udaipur.

Experienced Technicians and Engineers

To take care of dynamic P2P/P2MP networking needs

We have been involved in the field of Wireless network architecture design and installation for 10+ years. Our experience and a strong technical team understands the dynamic requirements of your business from a network and facilitate smooth flow of data from one point to another within a business organization. We only use high-quality networking equipment to offer world class networking services.